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Interview with Lucy Hinchliffe, owner of Lual

TLE Talks…

This week I’m bringing you another TLE Talks article. I’ve spoken to Lucy Hinchliffe, founder of Lual, the fab statement earrings brand that we stock here on The Lovely Edit. Lucy not only runs the business, she also designs and hand makes all the earrings herself (she’s recently launched rings as well). She is also mum to one gorgeous little girl. I’ve asked her about starting her business, her inspirations and running the business while looking after her little one. Read on to find out more.

The Interview

When did you start Lual and was your career background before starting it?

My background has always been in marketing. I’d been in a string of jobs that I did because I had the skills but nothing I really enjoyed. I always wanted to work for myself so when I had my daughter and decided I didn’t want to go back to a job that I hated, I decided to start Lual.

Do you have any top tips for juggling running a business with motherhood?

Oh gosh it’s hard. So hard. I naively thought I could run the business from home and still be a full time mum but soon learned this wasn’t the case so put my daughter in childcare 2 days a week. There are no tricks to it all, just hard work. Any chance I had, when my daughter was in care or asleep (either in the day or night), I am working. It’s tiring but rewarding as I get to work for myself and be around my daughter more. 

Where do you look for inspiration for your designs?

I’ve never been one to following trends. I like what I like whether it’s in season or not. When I was young I did dancing, and my mother always said ‘it’s not a costume unless it sparkles’, so I think I have been cursed ever since and I tend to design and create earrings that are full of colour and sparkle.

The statement earring trend is clearly not going anywhere soon, what would you say to anyone that hasn’t tried it yet or doesn’t think it will suit them?

Just give it a go. I had a customer just this week that had only ever ordered mini studs from me but decided to bite the bullet and buy the Black Canary earrings and she is a convert. She was surprised at how light they were and how they actually suited her. Statement earrings don’t always have to be as big as your head a simple small tassel can jazz up an outfit more than you realise.

What are your 3 favourite earrings from your current collection?

The Black Canary is our best seller but I like a big earring so would tend to wear the XL Black Canary over the small ones. I also love our Moroccan Nights dangles as I get so many compliments whenever I wear them and lastly I loved our Star of Bethlehem earrings from our Christmas range. 

Can you pick your favourite item from The Lovely Edit, other than earrings!

Can’t go wrong with a big over sized scarf by Lisa Angel. You can even still see your gorgeous earring bling wearing one of these.

Denim Blue Tartan Wrap Scarf

Denim Blue Scarf

Faux Fur Scarf Grey Pink Teal

Faux Fur Scarf

Aztec Brights Blanket Scarf

Aztec Blanket Scarf






A big thank you to Lucy for chatting to me, all earrings images are hers, some of the styles are available here on The Lovely Edit, but the others you can find on her website, and follow her on instagram (@love_lual).

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